Ernst & Young Psychometrist Internship

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This graduate role is focused on in two key areas; psychometric assessment and corporate social responsibility. This role will afford the incumbent the opportunity to complete a psychometric internship. The requirements for the psychometric internship are clearly set out by the Health Professions Council of South Africa. This role also involves working on the firmís corporate social responsibility projects.

Some of the roles and responsibilities of the incumbent will be as follows:
- Engage with various Service Lines to get candidates booked and scheduled for assessment and manage assessment schedule
- Manage booking and upkeep of the assessment room
- Maintain updated versions of all psychometric assessments on assessment laptops
- Conduct assessments on all candidates requested to
- Communicate assessment process and policy internally
- Manage relationships with external service providers
- Maintain assessment reports database
- Generate individual psychometric assessment reports for candidate
- Manage internal EY invoicing process and ensure that external vendors are paid on time
- Assist where needed on various internal reporting (using Excel and Lotus databases) mechanisms
- Assist with all administration and implementation of CSR projects request to
- Communicate extensively with various stakeholders (internal and external) on CSR projects
- Manage and update internal databases on documents for CSR
- Arrange and co-ordinate national CSR events

Qualifications: Honours in Social Science / Commerce / Arts Degree in Industrial / Organisational Psychology or Counselling Psychology.

Skills and Behavioural Attributes:
- Written and verbal communication
- Planning and organisational skills
- Building and maintaining good relationships
- Professionalism
- Integrity
- Enthusiasm
- Conscientious

At Ernst & Young we support you in achieving your unique potential both personally and professionally. We give you stretching and rewarding experiences that keep you motivated, working in an atmosphere of integrity and teaming with some of the world's most successful companies. And while we encourage you to take personal responsibility for your career, we support you in your professional development in every way we can. You enjoy the flexibility to devote time to what matters to you, in your business and personal lives. At Ernst & Young you can be who you are and express your point of view, energy and enthusiasm, wherever you are in the world. It's how you make a difference.

Advertiser: Ernst & Young
City: National
   Type: Internship
Closing date: Not indicated in advert

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